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For a number of years this was home to Timewarp Films. Timewarp Films, an Independent Film Production Company based in Maryland was founded by the late Don Dohler and Joe Ripple. RIP.
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     Based in Perry Hall, Maryland, Timewarp Films, was formed in September 2000 by Don Dohler and Joe Ripple. Timewarp Films develops and produces full-length feature movies for the video, DVD, cable and TV markets.

     The company's first two features, Harvesters and Stakes, are currently in release to rental stores and internet retailers on video and Special Edition DVD in the U.S. (including the Movie Gallery and Hollywood Video chains). In addition, sales to several foreign countries have been made on both movies.
     Timewarp plans to develop and produce two feature-length movies per year. The company's third feature, Vampire Sisters — due in stores Jan. 13, 2004 — is a quirky, erotic vampire thriller about three sisters who who use an adult website to lure victims to their home.
     Crawler, a sci-fi adventure filmed this summer, wrapped principal photography on Nov. 1 and is now in post-production.

Timewarp Films also operates a publishing and mail-order merchandise division. Products — which include VHS and DVD versions of Timewarp's movies, as well as exclusive movie magazines and books — are available online in the Timewarp Films Shop of Horrors — a secure shopping site.





Desperation Production

   Some of the Timewarp Films crew recently assisted first-time independent director Jonathan Clark for a few scenes in his upcoming feature, “Desperation.”
   Clark, originally from the Eastern Shore of Maryland and now working in Los Angeles, returned to his home town of Centreville in August to shoot his first feature-length movie. A fan of Don Dohler’s Cinemagic Magazine, Clark contacted Dohler prior to filming and asked if he would
make a cameo appearance in “Desperation.” Dohler agreed, and took along Timewarp partner Joe Ripple and actors George Stover and Leanna Chamish.
   Clark needed a real gun firing a live blank for a critical scene in the movie, so Ripple -- a police detective in real life -- provided the gun and blanks, and supervised the gunshot scene for safety. The scene was shot in just two takes.
   Later in the day, Dohler, Ripple, Stover and Chamish appeared as extras in a “picnic” scene which is the final scene in the movie.
   “We arrived at the first location at 7 a.m. and watched Jon and his crew shoot scenes involving some neat make-up effects,” Dohler said. “It wasn’t until about 3 p.m. that we arrived at the park location for the picnic scene -- and that took a lot longer to shoot than anticipated. It gave me a better appreciation for movie extras who have to sit around all day waiting to get on camera. Still, it was fun to watch Jon and his crew in action.”
   Director Clark, who returned to L.A. in late September, said the footage “looks fantastic.” He is now in the post-production process for “Desperation,” and hopes to have the movie completed early in 2005.
   We will keep Timewarp fans informed about “Desperation” as it progresses.



Crawler post-production in final stages

    Final post-production is under way on Crawler, the new sci-fi thriller from Timewarp Films. The movie — the most ambitious to date for Timewarp — features many visual effects and an all-CGI title creature.
    “It’s taking a lot of time not only because of the creature animation, but because there are many other effects,” said producer Don Dohler. “We have five computer FX artists working on all the elements. It’s a major effort, and we didn’t want to rush any of the work.”
    Crawler was shot between late June and early November last year — the longest shoot of any Timewarp movie. “Much of that was due to rain delays,” said director Joe Ripple. “That pushed us into scheduling conflicts with some of the cast. Happily, though, we got through it and Crawler should be our best movie ever.”
    Starring in Crawler are Justin Timpane, Darla Albornoz, Daniel Ross, James Keegan, Nikki O'Dell, Maynard Edwards, John Patrick Barry, Ayo Sorrells, George Stover and Claire Sherman.
    Dave Oldaker was Key Production Grip and prop-maker, Steve Myers did make-up FX, Glenn Barnes recorded sound, Sean Quinn is handling specialty FX and the sound mix, and Mitch Klein is supervising visual FX, as well as creating the Crawler CGI.
    Don Dohler produced and was director of photography, and Joe Ripple directed. The two men collaborated on the story and screenplay.






VHS* and DVD* versions of Timewarp's Movies

*Movies are no longer available for sale on this site


Vampire Sisters Special Edition DVD and VHS

Vampire Sisters, the third feature produced under the Timewarp Films banner, was released to video stores nationwide on Jan. 13, 2004 through Brain Damage Films. The movie is available in a Special Edition DVD with many extras, and VHS cassettes that include the “Making of” featurette and the Blooper reel.

Vampire Sisters tells the tale of three beautiful, sexy sisters who happen to be vampires. Under the cloak of an adult website, the sisters offer high-paying customers a special bonus — a visit to fulfill their fantasies in-the-flesh with the three gorgeous women. Once the unsuspecting victims arrive at the house, the kinky fun begins, but ends abruptly when the curvaceous cuties bare their flesh — then their fangs — to feed on human blood! They not only feed themselves, but “something” they keeped locked in a shed in the back yard — something that snarls and rips at the flesh of the bodies the sisters provide.

Darla Albornoz, Jeannie Michelle Jameson and the ever-popular web queen Syn DeVil star as the sisters. Mark C. Lasisse and Leanna Chamish are featured as two vice cops, and a variety of actors, including B-movie legend George Stover and newcomer Isabelle Stephen, portray the string of hapless victims.

Mitch Klein created special visual effects and the music score, and Steve Myers provided special make-up effects. Glenn Barnes was the sound recordist and Dave Oldaker was key production grip. Don Dohler produced and did photography, and Joe Ripple directed.

These sexy sirens bring a whole new meaning to "Ladies of the Night." Utilizing the web to entice victims to their lair, the sisters seductively work their beauty and their bodies to fulfill an unholy desire to feed ... on human blood! Once the kinky fun starts, the sisters bare their fangs and the feeding frenzy begins! After these sensual bloodsuckers are finished, they drag the bodies to a hideous creature they keep locked in their shed. As the Missing Persons pile up, two undercover vice squad detectives pose as a kinky couple to infiltrate the vampire sisters' home. A chilling battle between the sisters and the undercover cops leads to a mind blowing climax... Iggy -- the creature in the shed -- is finally released! The DVD contains the following extras -- Interactive menus, Scene Selection, "Making Of" Featurette, Producer/Director Commentary, Bloopers, trailers and an extensive still gallery. The VHS also contains the "bloopers" and a 30 minute "Making Of" featurette. Contains nudity, violence and gore, and sexual situations. (Not rated) By ordering, you warrant that you are 18 years of age or older.

“…Timewarp Films has upgraded its special effects enormously, so that there are some truly eye-popping moments…”
“Three stars. Joe Bob says check it out.”
Joe Bob Briggs
Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-in


Alien Factor 2: Alien Rampage Special Edition DVD 

The titling here is strictly exploitation on the part of Fred Olen Ray, with whom we made the deal to distribute this DVD. This movie has nothing to do with Don Dohler’s original cult classic. The title is really just Alien Rampage, and was Don’s comeback movie shot in 1999-2000. It was during this production that Don and Joe Ripple became good friends and decided to launch Timewarp Films. Alien Rampage tells the story of an intergalactic female visitor who stops on earth to obtain some needed uranium to power her ship. But the FBI gets wind of the theft from a nuclear power plant and hotly pursues the alien. They wound and capture her – but don’t realize this triggers a guardian cyborg aboard her ship who immediately throws a forcefield around the entire town. Worse –- the cyborg is programmed to retrieve a device the humans have taken from the alien and then destroy the earth. There are loads of special visual effects, miniatures and pyrotechnics in this fun-filled romp! Special features include a blooper reel, an extended trailer, still galleries and scene select menu. NOW IN STOCK FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY!


Stakes VHS and Special Edition DVD

TWO WORLDS...ONE DEADLY EVIL! Imagine a parallel earth, where Vampires have cut a swath through humanity. The disease is so bad, the ravenous bloodsuckers begin feeding on each other. Three surviving humans -- a combat-trained priest, a street-hardened scientist and an electronics expert -- have discovered a pathway to our earth. Their only hope for survival? Make the jump. But before they can escape, the queen of the vampires, Alyssa, discovers their plan and along with her two equally evil bodyguards, uses the device to transport here as well. Not only does she want to dominate our world, she wants to create -- by breeding -- her own pureblood. The purebloods can't be killed by ordinary means. The numbers of vampires are growing. The humans are running out of time... ...and the "Stakes" have never been higher! The extras-loaded DVD contains commentary by producer Don Dohler and director Joe Ripple, bloopers and a 30-minute "Behind the Scenes" making of the film. Rated "R" for vampire violence, a sex scene and language. By ordering you warrant that you are 18 years of age or older.

Stakes -- Timewarp’s second feature -- was filmed from July through November 2001. The cast premiere was held in June 2002, and the movie was released to DVD and video on October 8, 2002.

Stakes stars Jamie Bell, George Stover, Steven King, Erin J. Corsair, Ashira Zimra, Leanna Chamish, John Michaelson and Syn DeVil. Mitch Klein handled special visual effects, Glenn Barnes did the sound recording, Don Dohler produced and Joe Ripple directed.

The story: When a vampire queen (Chamish) and her vicious bodyguards jump from a parallel world to our erath, three determined vampire hunters follow -- and a life-and-death hunt is on! As the vampire turn countless victims into bloodsucking pawns, the trio of hunters team up with a homicide detective to track the fearsom, fanged creatures. The pursuit ends in a spooky, abandoned warehouse where the victims must find an destroy the vampire queen and her undead warriors. The clock is running down on humanity in this exciting, scary thriller!



Harvesters VHS and Special Edition DVD

Harvesters, our first feature, was shot September through December 2000, with a cast premiere in April 2001. The movie was released to DVD and video on January 22, 2002.

The movie stars Donna Sherman, George Stover, Patty Cipoletti, Steven King, Micci Samperi and Leanna Chamish. Special visual effects were created by Sean Quinn, with sound recording by Glenn Barnes. Don Dohler produced and Joe Ripple directed.

A pretty young jogger is brutally abducted...but why and by whom?So sets the tone for "Harvesters," a blood-curdling clash of two evil forces, both bent on destruction. This high-energy, action-packed thriller pits an outlaw gang, led by lesbian Gulf War vet Frankie Falzone, against the Peelmans - a seemingly "normal" family who harbor a dark and deadly secret. As two U.S. marshals close in on the gang, the terror mounts and the body count rises. The ensuing battle for survival - set amidst scenes of heart-thumping horror and mayhem - will have you on the edge of your seat! "...parallels to the great twisted backwoods families of film history, a la Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Motel Hell." -Joe Bob Briggs The special edition DVD also includes a 30-minute "Making Of" featurette with commentary by Producer, Director and Director of Effects. Also included is a scene index, and two original trailers. "Harvesters" contains graphic violence, nudity and language. Not rated. By ordering you warrant that you are 18 years of age or older.


The Alien Factor DVD

This is the one that started it all! From Don Dohler comes this tale of an interstellar spacecraft that crash lands on earth. Contained within the ship are several strange and unusual creatures which escape and wreak havoc on the small town of Perry Hill. The local sheriff must team with a mysterious stranger to stop the rampaging monsters! This Special Edition DVD contains many extras, such as bloopers, still gallery, a never-before-seen stop-motion animation sequence, and a tribute to actor George Stover. Get yours today, and see if YOU can find the cameo of Don Dohler in the film! Great entertainment! Unrated; 80 minutes

Fiend Special Collectors Edition DVD

After being inhabited by a hell-spawned demon, a decaying cadaver is reanimated in its grave and sent on a brutal strangling spree throughout the wilds of Maryland. It seems he's been possessed by a "Fiend" — a force of unadulterated evil — and must assimilate the life-essence of human victims to rejuvenate his constantly rotting visage. However, when the bodies begin piling up a neighbor turned amateur sleuth takes it upon himself to find the murderer — but at what cost? This fast-paced, unrated horror romp with some downright mean surprises is now primed for DVD! Extras include a 9-minute blooper reel, a still gallery, and a special George Stover photo tribute.

Draculina #46

Features a four-page color feature on Vampire Sisters, with lots of stills and comments by Don Dohler, Leanna Chamish and Syn DeVil. The cover features Sisters star Darla Albornoz! Also, there is a preview of Crawler, with pix of Elkie Cooper, Janet Ong and Angela "Mickey" Metcalf. In addition, the issue offers photo-spreads of Mary Carey, Athena Demos, Linda O'Neil and Jami Deadly -- plus an article (with director interview) on sexploitation knock-off, "Womb Raider." Draculina is all full-color, on glossy paper; 60 pages. You MUST be 18 years of age or older to order, and by ordering Draculina #46 you warrant to Timewarp Films that you are at least 18 years old.

B-Movie Horrors

This stunning volume is a unique and candid look into the movies of producer-director Don Dohler's first five independent features between 1976 and 1987 -- plus two features which were aborted and re-made. Author John Thonen presents insightful chapters through Dohler's own recollections about the movies and what it was like to make them. Actors and crew personnel who worked on the various projects also offer their own perspectives of being involved in these low-budget efforts -- a few of which have gained "cult" followings since their release. The five films -- Alien Factor, Fiend, Nightbeast, Galaxy Invader and Blood Massacre -- are well represented with more than 100 photos, most of which -- from Dohler's personal archives -- have never been seen before. Also, Dohler talks about an aborted version of Nightbeast, and the original made-on-video version of Blood Massacre -- including rare stills from these productions that never saw completion. This Limited Edition book is a MUST for all film fans and for anyone who aspires to make independent movies.

Science Fiction Invasions
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Science Fiction invasions is a photo-filled excursion into classic movies with Science-Fiction themes. The chapters include Big Bug Movies, Alien Invaders, Movie Robots, a photo tribute to the Flash Gordon serials, and the sci-fi make-up effects of John Carl Beuchler (Troll, Nightmare on Elm Street, the new Tarzan TV series), one of today's premier FX masters. All of the classics are covered in the various chapters -- The Fly, Them!, Tarantula, Giant Spider invasion, Forbidden Planet, Westworld, The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy, Metropolis, Target Earth, Day the Earth Stood Still, War of the Worlds, I Married a Monster from Outer Space, The Thing, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Invaders from Mars -- just to name a few of the dozens of movies covered! This lavishly illustrated volume contains more than 100 movie stills -- many never before published -- and features many of today's top film writers. No movie book collection should be without this one -- it's a volume you won't want to miss!

Movie Club Magazine No. 1

A comparison of Jurassic Park to great dinosaur movies of the past; Universal's classic horrors; a look at the independent SF film, Regenerated Man; setting up your own home theater; collecting movies on video and laser.

Movie Club Magazine No. 3

Unsung Gems- great horror films you rarely read about; the forgotten "ape woman" movies; profile of independent director Fred Olen Ray and his movies; revisit the stop-motion film, The Black Scorpion.

Movie Club Magazine No. 4

Theme feature on invisibility in the movies, from the classics to the later spinoffs; preview of the latest Universal video horror releases; a tribute to Peter Cushing; Forbidden Planet's Id meets The Alien Factor's Leemoid.

Movie Club Magazine No. 5

Theme special on giants in the movies; a career interview with curvaceous Mara Corday, with many stunning photos; a unique perspective on the Ozzie and Harriet TV series; sci-fi films of independent director and FX artist John Ellis; Q&A with actor John Abbott.

Movie Club Magazine No. 7

Theme article on Female Monsters Movies covers all the classics, from She-Creature to Weird Woman; interview with sexy "bad girl" Yvette Vickers, including exclusive photos from her private collection; Top Ten female horror film performances; Film Flashback on the films of Barbara Steele.

Movie Club Magazine No. 8

Theme cover story on the "Killer Plant" movies - a dozen are featured, from Triffids to Little Shop; interview with actor Casey Adams; a look at the movies of The Bowery Boys; Film Flashback of The Monster That Challenged the World.

Movie Club Magazine No. 9

Thematic issue featuring Wax Museums - from classics such as Mystery of the Wax Museum to TV series with wax themes; Chaney's The Frozen Ghost; a look at Jungle Jim movies with Johnny Weissmuller; Film Flashback of Abbott & Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

Movie Club Magazine No. 10

Special "all water" issue offers a theme feature on Terrors From The Deep - from Crater Lake Monster to It Came From Beneath the Sea; an 8-page, photo-filled spread on the three Creature movies; revisit the Beach Party movies with Frankie and Annette; and a Film Flashback on The Monster of Piedras Blancas.

Movie Club Magazine No. 11

Fantastic cover featuring a striking, colorized photo of Mamie Van Doren (and one which Mamie said she had never seen before, but is now her favorite ever published). Inside, there's a 14-page, photo-filled interview with Mamie about her days at Universal; twin theme features on Universal Horrors and Universal Comedy offer an array of 16 films, from The Mole People and This Island Earth to Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy and Francis in the Haunted House; plus, special tributes to James Stewart and Robert Mitchum. Also, a beautiful, colorized back-cover photo of Boris Karloff from The Black Castle.

Movie Club Magazine No. 12

Final magazine edition of Movie Club features Haunted House Thrillers -- from The Haunting to Hillbillies in a Haunted House ; plus House on Haunted Hill, and more!