Some of the Timewarp Films crew recently assisted first-time independent director Jonathan Clark for a few scenes in his upcoming feature, “Desperation.”
   Clark, originally from the Eastern Shore of Maryland and now working in Los Angeles, returned to his home town of Centreville in August to shoot his first feature-length movie. A fan of Don Dohler’s Cinemagic Magazine, Clark contacted Dohler prior to filming and asked if he would
make a cameo appearance in “Desperation.” Dohler agreed, and took along Timewarp partner Joe Ripple and actors George Stover and Leanna Chamish.
   Clark needed a real gun firing a live blank for a critical scene in the movie, so Ripple -- a police detective in real life -- provided the gun and blanks, and supervised the gunshot scene for safety. The scene was shot in just two takes.
   Later in the day, Dohler, Ripple, Stover and Chamish appeared as extras in a “picnic” scene which is the final scene in the movie.
   “We arrived at the first location at 7 a.m. and watched Jon and his crew shoot scenes involving some neat make-up effects,” Dohler said. “It wasn’t until about 3 p.m. that we arrived at the park location for the picnic scene -- and that took a lot longer to shoot than anticipated. It gave me a better appreciation for movie extras who have to sit around all day waiting to get on camera. Still, it was fun to watch Jon and his crew in action.”
   Director Clark, who returned to L.A. in late September, said the footage “looks fantastic.” He is now in the post-production process for “Desperation,” and hopes to have the movie completed early in 2005.
   We will keep Timewarp fans informed about “Desperation” as it progresses.

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