Crawler post-production in final stages

    Final post-production is under way on Crawler, the new sci-fi thriller from Timewarp Films. The movie — the most ambitious to date for Timewarp — features many visual effects and an all-CGI title creature.
    “It’s taking a lot of time not only because of the creature animation, but because there are many other effects,” said producer Don Dohler. “We have five computer FX artists working on all the elements. It’s a major effort, and we didn’t want to rush any of the work.”
    Crawler was shot between late June and early November last year — the longest shoot of any Timewarp movie. “Much of that was due to rain delays,” said director Joe Ripple. “That pushed us into scheduling conflicts with some of the cast. Happily, though, we got through it and Crawler should be our best movie ever.”
    Starring in Crawler are Justin Timpane, Darla Albornoz, Daniel Ross, James Keegan, Nikki O'Dell, Maynard Edwards, John Patrick Barry, Ayo Sorrells, George Stover and Claire Sherman.
    Dave Oldaker was Key Production Grip and prop-maker, Steve Myers did make-up FX, Glenn Barnes recorded sound, Sean Quinn is handling specialty FX and the sound mix, and Mitch Klein is supervising visual FX, as well as creating the Crawler CGI.
    Don Dohler produced and was director of photography, and Joe Ripple directed. The two men collaborated on the story and screenplay.



Ayo Sorrells is one of the Hunt Team, an elite alien-hunting squad.

Elkie Cooper portrays an early victim of the Crawler.

Darla Albornoz waits as Don Dohler adjusts a light.

George Stover sits patiently as make-up artist Steve Myers applies some gruesome facial effects.

Justin Timpane and Nikki O'Dell relax between takes.

Joe Ripple directs a scene with Justin, George, Darla and Daniel.

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