Oldaker grew up in Perry Hall, Maryland, just around the corner from Don Dohler's home. His sister, Cathy, was an extra in Dohler's 1977 film, The Alien Factor.
Oldaker's main vocation has been in metalworking and he is a machine operator/mechanic for Murray Corporation. Since 1982 he has been a welder, machine operator, truck body builder, and a sheet metal mechanic, among other things: "When it came to making things out of metal, I pretty much did it all."
While a resident of Maryland's Eastern Shore in the late 1990s, Oldaker owned his own video store, and also dabbled in video services. He did video editing for a company that produced learning videos for airport screeners.
From around 1991 to 1995 he ran a Halloween attraction, "The Haunted Yard," at his home. He designed and built the displays from scratch. There were no live actors - everything was mechanical and activated by visitors' bodies. This was a free display that Oldaker did for kids to have a safe place to have fun. He invested about $8,000 and thousands of man hours into the display. (Halloween has always been his favorite holiday.)
In his teenage years, he made a few Super 8 short horror films. He says he has always been fascinated with how movies are made and special effects are created.
Oldaker joined Timewarp Films with Vampire Sisters and is the company's key production grip. He custom-builds special grip apparatus and generally maintains all of the lighting and mechanical equipment used during production.

Interesting facts:

•Oldaker likes horror and sci-fi films. The first film that really scared him in theaters was Jaws.
•His favorite Don Dohler-directed film is The Alien Factor.
•Oldaker's favorite Timewarp movie to date is Stakes, though he says Harvesters is a very close second.

Photo by Glen Weisgerber

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