A veteran of low-budget filmmaking, Dohler has been making movies since he was 12 years old. He won several awards for his short films in the 1960s and early 1970s and wrote and directed his first feature, The Alien Factor, in 1977. The movie landed a worldwide TV syndication deal and evolved into a “cult” movie favorite around the globe. Dohler followed this success with Fiend (1980), Nightbeast (1982), Galaxy Invader (1985) and Blood Massacre (1987) before a self-imposed “retirement” from filmmaking.
In 1972, Dohler founded the landmark Cinemagic Magazine, whose contributors were talented filmmakers and FX artists, many of whom later became Oscar® winners in Hollywood (among them Ben Burtt and Rick Baker).
Dohler returned to moviemaking in 1999 with Alien Rampage, which he wrote, directed, edited and co-produced. Joe Ripple was cast in a featured role, and he and Dohler became good friends. At Dohler’s suggestion, the two men began Timewarp Films in 2000 and Ripple agreed to direct (Dohler never cared for directing, preferring instead the behind-the-scenes functions of writing, producing, cinematography, lighting and editing).
Dohler has produced, photographed and edited all of Timewarp’s movies to date; and he and Ripple usually collaborate on stories and screenplays.

Interesting facts:

•Despite his love of horror and sci-fi, Dohler’s all-time favorite movie is West Side Story.
•Dohler has been a newspaper editor since 1986.
•He also published Amazing Cinema and Movie Club magazines, and five books about movies and moviemaking.
•His favorite Timewarp movie to date: Crawler (“Because it’s a return to sci-fi, which I prefer over horror.”)

Photo by Leanna Chamish

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