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Barnes is the half-brother of Don Dohler (same mother, different fathers), though they grew up together and have never considered themselves anything less than just brothers.
Barnes, who has a life-long love of Clint Eastwood’s spaghetti westerns, collaborated with Larry Schlechter in the early 1980s to create an album of western-themed music. Calling themselves “Led and Silver,” Barnes and Schlechter managed to create original music that evoked visions of Eastwood’s Italian-made westerns.
Brother Don used several pieces from the album in his 1985 film, Galaxy Invader.
Barnes, with his musical background, was the natural choice to be the chief sound engineer for Timewarp Films. He records all of the sound for the movies, and has a keen ear for hearing unwanted “noise” (distant planes and motorcycles) during a take.
Barnes has a history with his brother’s movies, as well. He played a rock singer in a bar scene in Alien Factor, had his guts ripped out in Nightbeast, and wore the cumbersome rubber monster suit in Galaxy Invader. He has been an extra in Alien Rampage, was a “body in a car trunk” in Harvesters, and a vampire in Stakes.
Barnes is the store manager for the Jeppi Nut and Candy Co., which was used as a main location for Stakes.

Interesting facts:

•Barnes’ favorite movie is The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
•Barnes has worked at Jeppi for 26 years.
•He came up with the idea of “frozen holy water stakes” for Stakes.
•His favorite Timewarp movie to date: Harvesters.

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