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Daniel Ross
[email protected]

Hey Don, I didn't realize you had a website or were even still making movies! It's cool to see you're still around and keeping the faith. Through the encouragement of Cinemagic, Film Magic, Amazing Cinema and on and on, you have been a great and positive encouragement to a budding animator in the 70s. I've gone on to work at ILM, art direct video games and just have a happy life as a full-time artist. Part of the thanks for that goes to you and all the magazines you've been involved with since way back when. Thanks!

(No, I'm not the Daniel Ross in your films!)

Rob Long II
[email protected]

I loved Alien Rampage! Wow! Tons of stuff packed into 75 minutes, and it was shot on film! Car chases, uniforms, tons of people, spaceships, effects, a cool monster -- I think it's pretty damn good and you should be proud of it.

Way to go!!!!!


JD Casey
[email protected]

Vampire Sisters was fantastic!!!
Leanna did a great job both in the movie and behind the scenes shooting the making of featurette -- one of the reasons that I buy a Timewarp DVD. I learn a lot from the making of. This is a vampire film that is a cut above the rest; one I would recommend to anyone.

Stephanie Aldridge
[email protected]

Hey! I have to say that I really enjoy all of Timewarp Films' movies! They are great! And I am looking forward to seeing the new film, "Vampire Sisters!" I am also an independent horror filmmaker and know how difficult that it can be to make a movie -- but once you see the finished product, it is the best feeling in the world! Anyway, I just wanted to say Hey! and tell you that Timewarp Films Rocks!

Justin Thompson
[email protected]

I very much enjoy your films and think that this is just what today's sci-fi/horror fan needs... elements of the great alien invasion, gothic horror films of the past with spfx and design of the present that mix to make wonderful films that are a must see. Nightbeast, Alien Factor and Galaxy Invader first turned me on to Don Dohler's work and from there I have enjoyed recent films like Harvesters and Stakes, both truly amazing and definitely ones to watch and rewatch. Thanks to you guys and Timewarp for making great movies the way they are suppose to be made. I look forward to more stuff from you guys in the future.

Randall Phillip
[email protected]

Don, I've seen every one of your movies (many times each) and love them all. You've really enriched my life and I wanted to let you know how much I've appreciated your efforts. Your movies are a real gift to humankind. Thank you very much! I hope you direct some more.

Bruce Davey
[email protected]

Just happened upon Don's name while browsing some old info on special effects and Cinemagic. I was a filmmaking fan in the old days and still have all the original issues of the old Cinemagic magazine and even had a letter or two published in them back in the good old days. I just wanted to say hello and it is nice to see Don still working his magic after all these years.

Gerrell D Isenhour
[email protected]

Joe and Don make movies for the fun of making movies. It thrills me to see these films and know they are made with true passion. More movies should have passion and not worry about the BIG MEGA budgets... My friends, keep up the great work! We look forward to each new project! There's no nicer people in the film industry.

Wesley M. Dip
[email protected]

Hi Don and Joe -- I have rented both Harvesters and Stakes, and enjoyed the hell out of both. I have told my friends to go rent the movies. Keep up the good work. I look forward to more of your movies. Joe, I'm also in law enforcement -- a game warden -- if you ever need any ideas or stories, I've got some for you.

[email protected]

I loved The Alien Factor and Harvesters. It's amazing how great independent movies can be. The films looked fantastic. I'm a film and video student who is studying production design, so I always find it useful when watching to see what can be achieved with a low budget. All the best with future projects.

Tony Davenport
[email protected]

Wow! Joe and Don, you two make a GREAT team. KUDOS to the HILT are due to you both. I recently ordered and watched "Stakes" on DVD and I was utterly impressed! After full review of the DVD's added features and overall niceties, I'm convinced that you guys are truly on your way to mainstream. Great screenplay, great special effects, great editing, great audio, exceptional directing, and some fairly decent acting.

Rob Schrab
[email protected]

I'm a Big Don Dohler fan and hoped you could forward my appreciation of his spirit and films. I completed a short in 2001 that is very Don Dohler inspired. I was hoping maybe he could take a look (it's only 15 min. long). It's called Robot Bastard!
Alien Factor and Galaxy Invader are oh so cool. We missed you Don. Glad you are back in the film biz.

Scott Phillips
[email protected]

I grew up on Cinemagic and Amazing Cinema magazines, and I'm glad to see Don Dohler is still out there making movies! I just ordered "Harvesters," and I can't wait to see it.
Thanks for all the fun and encouragement through the years, Mr. Dohler!

Russell Devlin
[email protected]

Hi Don. I was reading my old Cinemagics the other night (30 years ago you started, ye Gods) and I got to wondering what happened to you and your filmmaking. I'm pleased to see that you and your chums are still going strong. I miss a zine like Cinemagic -- it's needed more than ever today with the rash of fanfilms all over the world.

Rodd Matsui
[email protected]

I thought I would write to say that I just saw "Stakes" and thought it was a whole lot of fun! It's really Cinemagic all over again, only now you guys are on the Net -- and available at the local video store. Pretty freaking cool. You guys rock my world!

Gideon Smith
[email protected]

Hello! Your movies rock! I am excited to see what you'll do next! Keep up the good work.

Alan Fare
[email protected]

Don and Joe:
Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I finally got a chance to watch Stakes the other night. I'm not too fond of vampire flicks, but Stakes blew me away! It was a rare treat for me, as I shun CGI and "tricks of the new trade," to see a smart, tense and funny movie made in the new millennium. The sound track was great and the editing was amazing! I'll be giving a top-rate review of your latest in my fanzine!

Masibindi Mother Courage, Ph.D. and Hillary Miller, M.A.
[email protected]

Sincere gratitude for [Stakes] the best vampire film ever made: polished performances, exquisite filmmaking, script to die for.

Art Payne
[email protected]

Thanks for e-mail notice on release of "Stakes." Rented it from Hollywood Video. My hat is off to you guys. Thinking what you had to work with, you did a bang-up job. Even not considering what you had to work with, you have made a solid, entertaining horror film. Also liked "Harvesters" but think you guys are getting better with each film. I think your stories and your filming coverage and editing are very good. Because of your coverage, use of locations and your talents, you do a very good job of making your pics look much "bigger" -- more expensive -- than they are. Again, really good work guys.

Rick Crabbe
[email protected]

I saw "Stakes" at Horrorfind... Awesome! The film was great. The cast were very gracious with their autograph signing afterwards and I have a new appreciation for "roasted nuts." I can't wait until your next film. Thanks for a good time and a great film.

Richard Becker
[email protected]

Just wanted to say thanks to Don and everybody at Timewarp Films -- your dedication to film and your early days of publishing for the up-and-coming filmmaker have been an inspiration to us all. Here's to you, guys: I hope all your films are hits!

Tom Sullivan
[email protected]

I am the Creator of Special Make Up Effects for the motion picture The Evil Dead. If it wasn't for what I learned and practiced from the first couple of issues of Cinemagic I would not have been able to contribute to The Evil Dead. Thanks Don!

Karl Bauer
[email protected]

It's great to see Don Dohler doing what he loves. I'd like to thank him for those "Cinemagic years." Receiving his magazine was one of the high points in my youth. I read each issue cover to cover, and never forgot how much each issue developed my filmmaking skills. I'm still at it, and am in the process of completing my first feature, "Deadly Obsessions." Check my website out at:

Jeff Dylan Graham
[email protected]

Hi there! I have been a Don Dohler fan for quite sometime now! I'm a film actor, and I've done many horror and sci-fi films. I'm interested in possibly taking part in your next production! Recently, I shot a co-starring role in “Dead and Rotting” for Full Moon Pictures and Tempe Entertainment.

markus metzler
[email protected]

I just received your "B Movie Horrors" and walked some wonderful hours down memory lane remembering those Cinemagic years. Cinemagic and Alien Factor have a very special place in my heart as Don Dohler does. I'm now a makeup artist in Germany and words can't describe what I learned through Cinemagic and Dohler's guide through amateur filmmaking. Thank you for that signed copy by Dohler!

Floyd Perry, Jr.
[email protected]

I want to let Don Dohler know how much of a fan I am of him. I was first introduced to him via Famous Monsters Magazine in 1978 with its coverage of "Alien Factor." It also had a cover on them. What I don't understand is why most movie oriented magazines and books claim that Baltimore, Maryland is home to 2 Filmmakers: "Barry Levinson and John Waters." How can they forget Don Dohler? There is more to Baltimore than Barry's Diner or Divine eating dog doo!!!

Joe Sherlock
[email protected]

I count Don Dohler's The Alien Factor as one of my primary inspirations in getting into the making of horror and sci-fi movies. It is so fabulous to see new projects coming out! Don was kind enough to do an interview by snail mail a few years back for my zine, Dr. Squid. It truly showed how dedicated he is to his fans and to fellow horror/sci-fi fans. Best of luck with everything!

Michael A. Hoffman
[email protected]

My partner and I are very big fans of Mr. Dohler's work. In fact, his films have been a major influence on us. Currently, we are working on a horror anthology called "Scary Tales," and as an homage, we have two characters named Mr. Frye and Mr. Longfellow. Thank you for continuing to make movies, and know in your heart that you do have fans out there.

Gary Heilman
[email protected]

Hi Don,
Glad to see you back in the filmmaking business again!! It's been a number of years. Someone on the B-Film list mentioned that you were doing films again & to check out your web site. So I did.

Randall Phillip Phila., PA 19103

Wow! What a nice surprise! I checked out your website, and it definitely stimulated my interest. I'm glad to see Don Dohler is back in the movie-making business. Somehow, I knew it was inevitable. After reading "B-Movies Horrors," he just strikes me as the type of guy who doesn't sit still too long and must produce creatively. I'm currently in the process of putting together a magazine about monsters and horror. It is quite a different kind of monster magazine than is out there, in that it is extremely personal and raw. In it I have reviewed Nightbeast (my favorite) and Galaxy Invader.

[email protected]

Hi there! Your website is very cool! I love horror movies. Really anxious to see what's coming up in the near future.

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