Harvesters, our first feature, was shot September through December 2000, with a cast premiere in April 2001. The movie was released to DVD and video on January 22, 2002.

The movie stars Donna Sherman, George Stover, Patty Cipoletti, Steven King, Micci Samperi and Leanna Chamish. Special visual effects were created by Sean Quinn, with sound recording by Glenn Barnes. Don Dohler produced and Joe Ripple directed.



Erin Palmisano takes
an erotic blood bath.

George Stover is the patriarch
of the Peelman clan.

Micci Samperi.
Leanna Chamish.

Kelly Rizzi in the strip club.
Steven King makes a point
with Joe Ripple.

Donna Sherman is gang
leader Frankie Falzone.

Evil sisters Erin Palmisano
and Jaime Kalman.

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