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Ripple, who is a veteran police detective by day and spent two years in the U.S Army, got into movies as an actor.
He had landed several featured roles in independent films and some commercial spots before getting the role of FBI agent Bill Hunnicutt in Don Dohler’s Alien Rampage. Because of his police training, Ripple worked the entire movie as an adviser for all the police-oriented scenes. Over the course of filming, he and Dohler became good friends.
When Dohler asked Ripple if he’d be interested in directing, he said “yes.” Dohler then suggested making movies in digital video, and he and Ripple began Timewarp Films in 2000.
In addition to directing Timewarp productions, Ripple usually collaborates with Dohler on the concepts and screenplays. He also has edited together the bloopers and behind-the-scenes featurettes for Stakes and Vampire Sisters.
Ripple is stunt coordinator for Timewarp’s movies, as well, staging the requisite fight scenes that are staples of low-budget movies.
With a military and police background, Ripple conceives most of the death-scene mechanisms in Timewarp movies.
Ripple still acts in TV commercials, and has had roles in the first three Timewarp movies. Crawler, now in post-production, is the first Timewarp project in which Ripple does not appear.

Interesting facts:

•Ripple enjoys action movies, and cites The Matrix as one of his favorites.
•Though Timewarp Films makes horror and sci-fi movies, Ripple is not a big fan of horror movies.
•For relaxation, Ripple plays an upright bass in a Bluegrass band.
•His favorite Timewarp movie to date: Harvesters (“Because it was the first movie I directed.”)

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