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Leanna Chamish

Leanna Chamish has been an actor in all the Timewarp films so far: Harvesters, Stakes, Vampire Sisters and Crawler. She also serves as Timewarp Films’ documentarian, taking still pictures on set and video taping the behind-the-scenes action  for the “making of” featurettes on each Timewarp Films DVD release. She also has acted as a chaperone when female actors have scenes requiring nudity.
Leanna is a very active actress, voice-over artist, model and host/spokesperson in the Baltimore, Washington and Philadelphia area. She acts in independent films and has had featured roles in several national television programs, such as portraying the Oracle of Delphi in the Discovery Channel's "High Priestess." You can often catch her hosting pledge drives on Maryland Public  Television. She is in many commercials as well.
For her day job, Leanna is a professional video editor, videographer and director making training films, public relations videos and public service announcements for the federal government. She has also video edited and produced for Maryland Public Television. Prior to that she worked as a radio announcer and in radio production for many years, starting when she was 13 years old.
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Interesting facts:
•Chamish went to high school with Timewarp Visual FX creator Mitch Klein, and studied Karate in the same class with him.
•Chamish is afraid of horror movies she isn't in.  
•She thinks Charlie Chaplin was an acting and directing genius.
•Her favorite Timewarp film to date is Stakes, "because I play the strong, evil character of the Vampire Queen. I got to wear the wicked vinyl outfit and I love that great  speech I give to rally my vampires."

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