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Klein has been an artist as long as he can remember. He started with pencil and paper — usually doodling in class rather than paying attention — and moved in a more formal direction by taking classes in high school and college. He has studied drawing, painting, and computer graphics. Ironically, he decided to go with software development rather than art as a career.  
Klein has been interested in filmmaking and special effects since he was a teenager. Starting with super 8 film and later video, Klein and his friends have completed several amateur short films — many being shown at movie conventions. His biggest amateur project, Monster Planet, will hopefully be finished later this year.
In 2002, a mutual friend introduced Klein to Don Dohler.  Over the period of several months, he and Dohler chatted on the phone about movies and filmmaking as well as the possibility of working together at some point. Then, as luck would have it, Dohler and Joe Ripple realized they needed assistance completing the special effects for the movie Stakes. Klein gladly jumped in and became part of the team. After completing Stakes, Klein again worked with Dohler and Ripple on Vampire Sisters, taking on the added responsibility of music. He is currently heading a team of several FX artists for the visual effects of Crawler; and Klein created and will animate the CGI title creature for the movie.

Interesting facts:

•Klein has practiced Japanese martial arts since 1985.
•His primary tools for creating computer effects are Lightwave, After Effects, Illusion, and Photoshop.
•The effect Klein is most proud of is from Vampire Sisters, where a victim is attacked with a roto zip saw.
•Klein’s film and TV influences include the original Star Trek, Star Wars and Alien.

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