It’s finally here -- the NIGHTBEAST DVD!

NIGHTBEAST was the third movie written and directed by Don Dohler, and is generally the fan favorite of all Dohler’s early productions. Shot in 1981-82 on a budget of $40,000, NIGHTBEAST contains wall-to-wall action and loads of visual and make-up FX.

Historically, the movie speaks volumes: The visual effects were created by Ernest D. Farino, who went on to become one of the premier Directors of Visual Effects (From the Earth to the Moon, Children of Dune) in Hollywood. And much of the exciting muscial score was created by J.J. Abrams -- then 15 years old -- who is the creator and executive producer of the hit ABC series “Alias” and the new ABC series “Lost.” In addition, Tom Cruise has tapped Abrams to direct “Mission Impossible 3” next year.

The Nightbeast DVD contains an all-new audio commentary by Dohler and veteran actor George Stover, the original trailer, and the rare, never-before-seen blooper reel, as well as an introduction by Troma president Lloyd Kaufman.

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