Born and raised in Maryland, Quinn had an early fascination with the technical aspects of film production. His love of reading started him collecting any publication he could find about film instruction. Cinemagic, published by Don Dohler, was one of the magazines that had first introduced Quinn to low-budget movies and to the filmmaking of Dohler.
In the mid 1980s, Quinn focused what he had learned from reading and film classes to write, produce, and direct local cable commercials. The 30-second spots included many visual effects and were all shot on film. Low-budget filmmaking techniques were used to create the spots for very little money.
When Quinn is not listening to DVD commentaries, he works at his “real job” as a computer graphic artist. Over the last 17 years he has created artwork for the offset, silk-screen, and flexographic printing industry.
In 2000, Quinn joined up with Timewarp to handle practical and computer effects for Harvesters. “I really enjoy low-budget films more than the big blockbusters. I love to see someone create something entertaining without any money. Using your creativity is what is important, not how much money can be spent.”

Interesting facts:

•Quinn’s all-time favorite directors are: John Carpenter, Sam Raimi and the Cohen brothers.
•Quinn’s favorite genre movies are: The Fog, Evil Dead, and Blood Simple.
•Quinn’s favorite movie era is the first half of the 1980s, when Dohler’s early films were on the video shelves. The Mom and Pop video stores were open and were stocked with a lot more low-budget entertainment.

Photo by Amy Silverman

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