Vampire Sisters, the third feature produced under the Timewarp Films banner, was released to video stores nationwide on Jan. 13, 2004 through Brain Damage Films. The movie is available in a Special Edition DVD with many extras, and VHS cassettes that include the “Making of” featurette and the Blooper reel.

Vampire Sisters tells the tale of three beautiful, sexy sisters who happen to be vampires. Under the cloak of an adult website, the sisters offer high-paying customers a special bonus — a visit to fulfill their fantasies in-the-flesh with the three gorgeous women. Once the unsuspecting victims arrive at the house, the kinky fun begins, but ends abruptly when the curvaceous cuties bare their flesh — then their fangs — to feed on human blood! They not only feed themselves, but “something” they keeped locked in a shed in the back yard — something that snarls and rips at the flesh of the bodies the sisters provide.

Darla Albornoz, Jeannie Michelle Jameson and the ever-popular web queen Syn DeVil star as the sisters. Mark C. Lasisse and Leanna Chamish are featured as two vice cops, and a variety of actors, including B-movie legend George Stover and newcomer Isabelle Stephen, portray the string of hapless victims.

Mitch Klein created special visual effects and the music score, and Steve Myers provided special make-up effects. Glenn Barnes was the sound recordist and Dave Oldaker was key production grip. Don Dohler produced and did photography, and Joe Ripple directed.

“…Timewarp Films has upgraded its special effects enormously, so that there are some truly eye-popping moments…”
“Three stars. Joe Bob says check it out.”

Joe Bob Briggs
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